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Newsletter Archive

Ultraglycemx: A Great Solution for Busy People

September 29, 2011

I would estimate that a minimum of 60% of the people in my practice are concerned with being overweight or share some feature of the Metabolic Syndrome profile. The most common complaints among them are 1) sugar cravings, or 2) being too busy to cook healthy foods. For them I recommend UltraglycemX, which is a great meal replacement with complete nutritional support for blood glucose management.

UltraglycemX is a medical food that uses high-quality soy protein, along with specific fibers, vitamins and mineral, and phytonutrients that nutritionally support a healthy insulin and glucose response. It has high doses of chromium and vanadyl sulfate, both of which both improve insulin sensitivity. The net effect is significantly reduced sugar cravings and a much more controlled appetite. UltraglycemX can be easily mixed with water or alternative-milk product for a satisfying smoothie.

UltraGlycemX has been clinically tested with insulin-resistant patients. The test showed a statistically significant improvement in insulin, triglycerides and total cholesterol, as well as weight loss in these patients on UltraglycemX over the 8-week clinical study.

If you have a family history of type 2 diabetes, and you eat refined sugar or processed carbohydrates, your pancreas responds by making an overly large quantity of insulin to help clear the excess sugar from the blood stream. If this pattern happens over and over again, your cells that receive insulin become resistant to repeated exposures.

Because of this resistance, your pancreas is forced to make more and more insulin to keep your blood sugar levels under control. Those higher levels of insulin work for a while, but then the receiver cells become even more resistant, so your pancreas must make even more insulin, and the “more insulin/more resistance/even more insulin/even more resistance” spiral continues until the insulin simply can't overcome the resistance at all. At that point, the blood sugar can't be regulated, and Type 2 Diabetes is the result. Weight gain is certain.

If you claim to be too busy to eat right, UltraGlycemX is an excellent meal replacement solution to help fill you up with great nutrition, keep your sugar cravings under control, and balance your blood sugar and insulin production. Try a canister today.

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