Dr. Lori Horan Soule, ND, LAc

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Here is what a few patients are saying:

“Her amazing professional background, additional studies/education and heart-focused medical practice reflects the many layers of a true Healer.  I have felt so safe and deeply comfortable with all of her treatments and wisdom.”

--Badeish  S.



“I've rarely met a physician, who not only lives a "conscious life" but also reflects this special quality 100% in her patient/doctor relationship.  Dr. Soule's hands-on therapeutic style and her superior medical approach is a gift... beyond what most people experience from a medical professional.”

--Clinton R.



“She is far smarter and wiser than most doctors.  I learn so much from her vast knowledge....it has benefited me greatly...and helped me to kick my soda pop habit! I trust her deeply. I have learned about and improved peri-menopause, food allergies, adrenal fatigue, depression and much more.”

--Tracey H.



“So many practitioners are satisfied with knowing what they perceive to be their "specialty". Dr. Horan Soule’s specialty is the whole person. She will stay with a problem until it's fixed. She creates a safe atmosphere. She also lives her craft.  How many doctors/healers have I met that I wouldn't let touch me because they simply do not live in health .”

--Kris T.



“Dr. Horan has an expertise in Five Element Acupuncture and has studied with the Masters.  She is passionately connected to the work and I feel she is a guided healer.  I have been a patient for over 12 years and I see her as my partner in my well-being.  Even though I am chronologically aging, due to my relationship with Dr. Horan, I am able to manage this process in a way that defies the norm.  She is helping me become biologically younger through my proactive choices.”

--Renee P.



“I have benefited greatly from the depth of Lori's knowledge and understanding of both Naturopathic Medicine and Chinese Five Element Acupuncture. She is a highly skilled and highly aware practitioner who brings warmth, compassion, and her powerful intuition to her work. I always leave her treatments knowing that all aspects of my being (physical, mental, emotional and spiritual) have been brilliantly attended to.”




“Dr. Horan Soule makes me feel special, heard and deeply cared for.”

-- Susan R.