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Chinese Medicine Practitioner in Portland

How Are You Feeling?


Most physical and emotional symptoms can be effectively treated with a combination of naturopathic medicine and Five Element Acupuncture.


~ Weight Loss

~ Diabetes

~ Metabolic Syndrome

~ Heart Disease

~ Menopause

~ Hormone Balancing

~ Pre-Menstrual Syndrome

~ Infertility

~ Gastrointestinal Disorders

~ Chronic Fatigue Syndrome

~ Thyroid and Adrenal Disorders

~ Sinusitis

~ Back and Musculoskeletal Pain

~ Stress-Related Illness

~ Headaches

~ Asthma


I use both naturopathic and classical Chinese medicine to create your individual treatment plan. My goal is to address your physical, mental, emotional and spiritual needs, relieve the symptoms of disease, and treat the underlying causes of illness.


As you move back into balance and harmony, you are freer to discover—and achieve—your true potential.