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Naturopathic Doctor in Portland

Step Into Your Vibrant Potential


My name is Dr. Lori Horan Soule, a naturopathic doctor and licensed Five Element acupuncturist in Portland. Together we will improve your physical symptoms and build a stronger sense of self-awareness.


~ Experience robust physical health

~ Release old unhealthy patterns

~ Activate your inner spark

~ Find clarity, balance, and increased vitality


Did you know that Five Element Acupuncture can help you step toward your highest potential? It’s true: this ancient form of acupuncture treats the whole self, and empowers you to move forward in your life.


Combining Five Element Acupuncture with naturopathic medicine is the path that is truly transformational.


If health problems or emotional difficulties have kept you from functioning well, enjoying your life, or reaching your goals, call for an appointment today.

Treatments Often Include:

~ Five Element Acupuncture

~ Medical Nutrition

~ Weight Loss Solutions

~ Chinese Herbal Formulas

~ Nutritional Supplements

~ Intravenous Nutrient Therapy

~ Spinal Manipulation

~ Counseling or Lifestyle Coaching